Host Nick Firer dives deeper into Supercomputer than You, the protagonist, have ever gone before, and boy do the accents keep coming! You, the protagonist, rewind and decide to use the Supercomputer, the height of 1984 sci-fi technology, to solve world peace!!! Buckle up, buckaroo, because the Gipper’s got other plans: Space! Of course!! PLUS we get to know a little about author Edward Packard and play the Review Game! With friends: musician Brian Bayer (No Dice), comedian and producer Laura Holterman (Variety Hour Happy Hour), and comedian Stacy Pawlowski (Shakespeare Raw, Dinner Detective)
It's choose your own adventure time with host Nick Firer, and friends Brian Bayer (No Dice), Laura Holterman (Variety Happy Hour), and Stacy Pawlowski (Shakespeare Raw, Dinner Detective). Dive into the stories you remember from childhood and chose the fate of the protagonist through twists, turns, and hilarious surprises! 

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